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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Undiscovered

Consider the shooting of Ms. McBride by Mr. Wafer: a man sees a young black woman at his front door at an early hour and shots her in the face through the still closed screen door.

What was the motivation?

If we are to agree that racism was not the cause, what was?

The defense has cited findings that there was alcohol in the young lady's blood. Having alcohol in one's blood does not indicate threatening behavior usually.
There is so much consumption of booze and drugs in our society that merely acting somewhat intoxicated had best not be an adequate reason to be shot at, or we shall all be in danger. Especially since we all have guns, too.

What is going on in our heads?

We cannot come together to have a discussion on race, and perhaps a reconciliation, so what are we going to do? How are we going to handle the Undiscovered motives for our behaviors that lead us to kill each other?



knutty knitter said...

As someone outside America I find it hard to understand just where you are coming from. My personal view is that, as a country, you are prepared to bully anybody who says the other thing but then you don't, as individuals, seem to even know that the rest of the world exists, much less that it might have an actual opinion worth listening to every so often.

And then there is this continual dragging in of God as if he is only there for your benefit.

Weird....just weird!

And yes, this is generalization and there are always exceptions to prove the rule.



Montag said...

My wife has considered funding research into discovering the my planet of origin... and perhaps buying me a ticket back there.

You are right about God, although I think he is there for my benefit and my discomfiture as well.