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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Run From Responsibility

Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy Lays Out The Charges 
Against Mr. Wafer In The Shooting Of Ms. McBride.


The way Renisha Marie McBride's young life ended Nov. 2 is not in dispute: A homeowner in suburban Detroit fatally shot the 19-year-old in the face as she stood on his porch before the sun came up.


Under a 2006 Michigan self-defense law, a homeowner has the right to use force during a break-in. Otherwise, a person must show that his or her life was in danger.

Defense lawyers are expected to argue that Wafer feared for his life when a drunken McBride — toxicology reports put her blood-alcohol content at well above the legal limit for driving — came to his door in the middle of the night hours after crashing her car blocks away in Detroit. Those factors contribute to Wafer's "very strong defense," said his lawyer, Mack Carpenter.

Prosecutors and McBride's family, meanwhile, see no justification for the slaying of the recent high school graduate. She was unarmed, they note. Plus, the screen door Wafer fired through was locked.
"Where's his reasonable belief that his life was in jeopardy or that he was in jeopardy of great bodily harm?" said lawyer Gerald Thurswell, who represents McBride's family.

The ones who are responsible are the Persons who are the Public Voices, who have equivocated publicly about such matters, and the legislators all over the nation who have passed laws that are murky and ambiguous.
(I do not think the Michigan law to be murky, however. The man in this case was undermined by mental carpetbaggers on the radio and TV.)
It is also due to a Gun Culture that is reckless of its rights.

I for one would not have opened the door. Simple as that. Just because I held a gun, I would not welcome confrontation. Mr. Wafer did welcome such a confrontation on the mistaken belief that a gun gave him strength, but it fatally weakened him.
It led him to a confrontation he was no way strong enough to control. The gun misled him into thinking that he was a strong man and could control a meeting with a 19 year old African American girl on his front porch. He could not. Only the gun could speak.


Prosecutor Worthy is the lady who brought down the corrupt administration of ex-Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick.
I recall when my daughter had passed the bar, she said that working for Kim Worthy was considered to be a coup for a new lawyer.
Prosecutor Worthy is well-respected and deserving of that respect.


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