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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Interesting Entity

Entity of Interest

This fellow has a blog titled Pray In Jesus Name.
He has a photo on the site which is a bit more flattering than this photo, too. This photo is unfortunately a little too War Of The Worlds and Independence Day for me. I cannot look at it without thinking of Area 51.
There is a lot of stuff about "demonizing" and impeachments and chapels, all of which is way over my head.

Good for him.
He is Pro-Israel. He makes a big thing of it. 
I suppose he joins Senator Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) in fiercely opposing any attempt to negotiate nuclear items with Iran. I support Israel, too, but I do not receive money for it, as Senator Kirk does from lobbyists  and the fellow above does from asking on his website.

I am always bemused by people who cannot conceive of change, cannot envisage new things happening, who demonize one-time enemies forever, thus embracing a system where society is a prison of the past, and there is nothing new under the sun.

Sort of like old wine in the old wineskins.


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