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Friday, November 15, 2013

Meta - Satyagraha

Jack Wilson of the Ghost Dance

I expect God in my universe. I have no beliefs about God.

I have no use for the concept of Absolute Truth.I do not pray to it. If you say Truth is one of the facets of God, then number all the infinite attributes of God for me.
Some people would actually try and do that, as if a feat of memory comparable to drinking the ocean has any value beyond being a show-off.

Prayer is not a function we perform, it is being in the expectation of the divine.

 If you ask me if I believe in God, I say I will not play that game.
I use aggressive non-violence to withstand your desire to change everything into words, thereby stripping the phenomena of the world of their inherent baraka and power.

When you talk of God, you make Him smaller.

Story about Jack Wilson, maybe. Ghost Dance prophet. Two men looked at an old black hat. One saw a dirty, old hat. The other saw the firmament of stars within the circle of the sweaty band.

Good story.
What do you make of it? Nothing. Now is the time to be quiet, not to jump into the whirlpool of philosophy and theology and discussion.
If you see something New, resist the effort to turn it into something Old.


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