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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Tommyknocker Laptop Is Going....

 Steampunk Tommyknocker Computer

I am in the process of buying a new computer.

I have an ancient Lenovo which has lasted a long time, veritable eons in computer-years. I think one computer-year is equal to 15 human years, or thereabouts. Five years of human life would equal 75 in computer-years. My Lenovo is pushing 105 or 120.

It now resembles a steampunk laptop whose design was heavily influenced by Rube Goldberg; it resembles Charles Babbage's night terrors!

I have c-clamps holding the hinges for the top steady. The DVD drive no longer works - but no Lenovo DVD drives ever lasted; the saying was to "never trust a Lenovo DVD drive over 30!", and that was 30 computer-years, so they did not endure very long.
The display has cracked, and it won't be long.

I have another antique Lenovo somewhere, and I may be able to re-boot the main power source, and then re-establish some form of old-timey serial comm with the Earth.....

I may blink out briefly.


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