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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Democrats Invoke The Nuclear Option

Which means that now a simple majority is needed to approve a presidential nominee.

Republicans responded with the fact that Pandora's Box had been opened, and all manner of ills and evils will come flying out. In particular, they said that Democrats might not always be in the majority in the Senate, so then they will regret their rash decision.

I cannot believe that they actually threatened the Democrats with the awful spectre of themselves.

I am reading that during the tenure of he first 43 Presidents, 86 presidential nominees were filibustered; during Mr. Obama's tenure thus far, 82 have been filibustered.

Something is afoot.

Perhaps Mr. Limbaugh, whom my mother listens to, could clarify the numbers for us. he has taken Oprah to task for implying racism may be behind a good deal of political opposition at the present time. He should, then, be able to tell us why 82 nominees have been filibustered.
Perhaps it is not racism, but is merely the growing anarchist-Republican movement, which hates all forms of government. Perhaps it is a yearning for States' Rights and Secession.

All you who preach to us ad nauseam, make it clear, please.


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