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Friday, November 08, 2013

Tomatillo Salsa

I have started making my own tomatillo salsa.

The commercial brands all have too much sugar and sweeteners added, in order to kill the sourness of the tomatillos. But that sourness is small, small, and if I wanted sugar, I can add my own sugar. Take away the small sourness and the taste of real tomatillos vanishes.

I do a raw tomatillo salsa, since I like the small, small sourness of the tomatillos. It is tomatillos, garlic, salt, cilantro, a serrano pepper, and some water. I have heard some people call it a bitterness, and they cook the tomatillos a little in order to kill it, but it is a faint sourness.  It reminds of when I used to eat rhubarb raw; I would let the rhubarb stalks soak in a large glass of ice water for an hour. After that, the sourness would be reduced because of the much higher water content, and I could eat it.

Unfortunately, the tomatillo salsa does not last. I made it Wednesday afternoon and by this morning, Friday, it is watery and tasteless.
But when it is fresh, it is concentrated sun.

I also found that the tomatillo salsa which is mild is an excellent fire extinguisher for any food that you have put too much chili peppers on. The fresh green salsa puts everything to rest.


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