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Friday, November 29, 2013


 Gents' Room for Men Carrying Concealed Weapons

On film ratings at Mind Of A Suspicious Kind:
... Listen, I'm not for censorship of violent films. I just think it's funny that sex is still a scary thing in the States and that meanwhile out there in Europe there are nude women in bus ads. Talk about societal advancements, those Europeans got it going on. i just find it ironic that for a country that seems to be scared of sex -"oh the children", "GOD is looking down on you"- there really is less of a strict restriction from the MPAA on violent, big blockbuster movies...
Mr. Ruimy hails from Quebec, Canada. You can spot it, since he refers to "America" as "the States".
Canadians are ceaselessly harping on the fact that "America" covers most of what used to be called The New World, and specifically means North, Central, and South Americas.
Picky, picky.

Anyway, the fear of images of sex combined with the love of images of violence in the States is a phenom the rest of the world (i.e., the world outside "America") finds hard to comprehend.

They do not seem to understand the basic law-abiding character of your typical American; we have an entire Constitutional Amendment and all the trimmings  -  such as Supreme Court decisions and reams of legalese  -  that underlie our love of violence.

Does Mr. Ruimy really think we should have an Amendment for baring certain areas of the body as well?


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