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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Days In November Videos

I have been watching videos covering the shopping experience on Black Thursday (previously known as Thanksgiving Day) and Black Friday.

I am beginning to understand why the media uses the adjective "black". It does remind one of great riots and panics of history.

I am watching shoppers riot, fight, and sometimes shoot each other.
Nothing surprises me anymore about our country, so I just amuse myself by watching. The old days when I felt I had to shake my head in disbelief, and then write something judgmental are gone... just sit back and watch The USA go shopping for a while.... maybe watch Canadian TV coverage of the Mayor of Toronto...

It's all good.
I am glad that the guys at Walmart were not in charge of the Loaves and Fishes detail; might not have made it through to Passover, and Easter might have been 4 months early.

(The actual source of the term "Black Friday" had a negative connotation: )


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